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Book of Abstracts
11th IFOAM Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark
EcoWeb Denmark


World Revolution in Organic Agriculture. P2; 11

Clark, P.

Planetary Healing Foundation, Int., Pyramid Valley Sanctuary, R. D. Hawarden, Aotearoa, New Zealand

As products pass along the chain from the grower to the consumer one of the greatest existing forces is the consumer demand. Like a musician plays to an audience, the grower produces for the customer. Customer demand influences the producer, the packager, the transporter and the markerter. When these five sectors are working closely together great quality can be achieved. What really does the customer want? Human beings are diverse, at the same time, people are people! Generally: 1) People around the planet are happy when they get a good deal. When it feels good, value for money, and the money is well spent. 2) People like to have quality or products that have good colours, texture, smell and tasty flavours. 3) Lightweight packaging that is easily composted or recycled. 4) Yes, you guessed it! Money. Probably the single most important factor to the average customer around the world. How much is it? Can I afford it? Does my budget allow organic food to become my mainstream food supply. Or is organic food just a luxury item or an occasional treat?
The fast way to clean up the quality of the world's soils, waters and world health, is to present organic food on the shelf or at the market, side by side to the chemical conventional products, at approximately »the same price«. Leave the rest up to the customers! They will decide which is the best deal. Remember, the customer is always right!
When organic certification costs, bureaucracy, taxes or premiums are too high, they become a stumbling block to the whole organic production pyramid, and the organic movement is hindered from having a fair competion with the conventional chemicals system. With an equal price marketing attitude, organic production will take a giant leap forward around the world.