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Book of Abstracts
11th IFOAM Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Advisory Service Organic Viticulture. P1; 31

Gehr, E. & Wolff, M.

Beratungsdienst Ökologischer Weinbau, D-79312 Emmendingen, Hochburg.

Among the different forms of organization for consultancy in organic agriculture and viticulture, »Beratungsdienste« have emerged as appropriate solutions. Their advantages are: Wine-growers and farmers have direct influence on the work of the consultants who themselves have to deal with only few administrative duties, so problems that might result from conflicting roles can be avoided. The advisory intensity is comparatively high and the consultants are obliged to continuing education. Development: The »Advisory Service Organic Viticulture, Baden-Württemberg« was founded in 1992. Today, two consultants are in charge of 160 wine-growers with together 600 hectares of vineyards. The catchment area are the wine-growing regions of Baden and Württemberg. Organization: The Advisory Service is an association of wine-growers, that employs the consultants and allocates their tasks. Financing is shared between the Association and the State of Baden-Württemberg, which, at this time, is responsible for little over 50% of the budget. Everyone interested in organic viticulture can become an associated member. The membership fee is calculated by the size of the area under cultivation. The Advisory Service is working independently from any Organic Farming Association and is not a controlling authority.
Contents: Our concept is based on a combination of group consultancy during the vegetation period and single consultancy mainly for converting farms as well as topics of wine-making. Circular letters deal with matters such as urgent measures to be taken in plant protection as well as information about upcoming events. Every year we offer one-week courses in organic viticulture for beginners and advanced. Other seminars are concerned with the most current subjects of wine-growing, wine-making, and marketing. In addition to these programs, we organize trips to other wine-growing areas.
Focus Group Consultancy: Viewing of the vineyards take place twice a month in each of our 16 regional groups, during the course of which we discuss current issues in plant protection and soil management. To train the observant eye of the wine-growers is our top priority. Frequent contact between the consultants and the wine-growers often prevents that problems even occur. Furthermore, these meetings offer a forum for the interchange of experiences among the wine-growers and give the opportunity to find joint solutions for difficulties.