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11th IFOAM
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11-15 August 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Long Term Field Experiments in Sweden S19

Granstedt, A. & Kjellenberg, L.

The Biodynamic Research Institute, Skillebyholm, S-153 00 Järna, Sweden

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In 1958 the Nordic Research Circle in Järna, Sweden, began an agricultural field experiment included 32 years to 1990. The field experiment included 8 different fertilizer treatments each with a 4-fold crop rotation, without interruption so that in any given year all four would be present: summer wheat (under sown with clover/grass mix, potatoes, beets. To facilitate focusing primarily on aspects of crop quality the fertilizer application rates for the various treatments were adjusted to bring about comparable yields. This applies with respects to the variants 1,2,3,4 and 7. Variant 5 was not fertilized at all and variants 6 and 8 represent incremental alterations in the inorganic NPK applications.

The summer-wheat and beet yields increased with fertilization and we see as well a considerable difference here between the K1 (compost + B-D spray) 2980 kg per ha and year respectively. The results of different fertilizing treatment on the quality of products are in according to other from this base experiment developed comparing studies in Sweden (Petterson, 1982). The mean mineralization capacity studied in field during 1988-1990 was 95% higher in the organically farmed treatments as compares with the treatments receiving commercial fertilizer (Gransted & Kjellenberg, 1991) and in according to studied biological and biochemical soil parameters (Pettersson, & Wistinghausen, 1992).

Granstedt, A. & Kjellenberg, L. (1991): Studier av mineraliseringsförloppet i vårvete. Nordisk Forskningsring, Järna.

Pettersson, B. D. (1982): Konventionell och biodynamisk odling. Jämförande försök mellan två odlingssystem. Nordisk forskningsring, Järna.