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11th IFOAM
Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Agrolandscapes of Pinar del Rio Municipality, Cuba S15

Salinas, E.; Yanes, L.

Facultad de Geografia, Universida de La Habana Zona 6 Alamar, La Habana Cuba.

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The agricultural production has its sustenance in the potencial resources of the territory under exploitation. The landscape as a fundamental natural resource for agricultural activities constitutes a natural resource for agricultural activities constitutes a natural system in which the main components (soil, climate, relief and water) are in a close relationship differentiated its spatial features according to zonal and non zonal regularities from planetary, regional and local character.

Agriculture and animal husbandry because of its extensiveness and capacity to change the landscape have been the most important modifier activities of human society. By means of its activities the man has intervened in the landscapes, concentrating the energy flux, accelerating matter cycles, simplifying trophic chains and modifying the structure, dynamic, functioning and evolution of the landscapes.

Agrolandscapes are modified or transformed natural landscapes by socio-economical activities where reflex of cultural patterns can be seen. When we study agrolandscapes differentiations between natural sub-system (carrier of its potentials) and productive (a consequence of the use and management of territory) must be established.

Using the agrolandscape conception we present a study of Pinar del Rio municipality in the sandy plain of western Cuba at scale 1:50 000, a matrix to evaluate the agrolandscapes combine indexes from natural and productive subsystems and to render possible to adecuate the agricultural activities to the natural potentials of territory, limiting the use of machinery, non natural products and so on.

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