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11th IFOAM
Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Animal production in organic farming in france S14

Fave, Marie-Christine

ITAB (Technical Institute of Organic Farming)149 rue de Bercy75 595 PARIS cédex 12

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Organic farming is continually expanding in France and the total surface area under conversion to organic farming amounted to 21.000 hectares in 1993.

Animal husbandry is the fastest growing sector of production and there are several reasons for this. Firstly the growing consumer market for organic meat, dairy products and eggs is a major consideration. Secondly the saturation of the organic cereal market with competition from German producers has meant that crops are more readily used in animal foodstuffs. Lastly the increasing interest of public bodies who are funding research in ecological farming has lead to a positive view of organic farming methods which preserve the countryside, reduce pollution and involve rural planning. Organic livestock farming practices in France are linked to economic, political and administrative evolution, so in the first section of this conference we will concentrate on the regulations and the organisation of organic farming in France. The Technical Institute of Organic Farming (ITAB) and others organisations are working on national standart specifications to regulate animal productions for which regulations do not exist in France.

We will then go on to look at current techniques. The different aspects of organic husbandry (conversion, animal feed, housing, reproduction, animal health and welfare...) will be described and in each domain, the practices, the constraints and the main axes of research and development will be presented. ITAB has set up three committees of specialists to work on animal husbandry and had organised an european conference on organic animal husbandry in october 94. This conference, brought together farmers, technicians and research workers of many nationalities to discuss the technical aspects and regulation of organic animal husbandry and permitted to identify the current development and problems of animal production in organic farming.

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