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11th IFOAM
Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Effective microorganisms technology Bali Island S12

Wididana, G.N and Higa, T

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Bali island is one of the famous tourist destination area in Indonesia, because of it's amazing of natural beauty and traditional culture. The development of tourist activities in Bali island is supported by the high development of accomodation, transportation and communication services and readiness of the Balinese societies to conserve the natural beauty of rural, sea and urban areas. More than one million of international visitors and three million of domestic visitor visit Bali each year.

The development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Bali is directed to fulfil the food demand of the population and visitors. On other hand, the development of conventional agriculture that using chemical fertilizers and pesticides is worried to destruct the environment, polluting soil, river, ground water and sea. Finally, it can destruct the natural beauty of Bali. Also the development of animal husbandry, especially for the poultry, cattle livestock and pig raising can emerge some pollutions of malodorous that is very sensitive for the visitors. Conservation of natural resources and proper management of waste water of hotel, city garbage and waste of animal husbandry are the most suitable method to maintain the natural beauty of Bali island.

The application of EM Technology in Bali island is being conducted in Agriculture, animal husbandry and waste water management since 1993. In agricultural field, the EM Technology is applied to the grape, citrus, vegetables, rice, vanilla and coffe plantation. In animal husbandry field, the EM Technology is applied to the poultry, cattle livestock, and pig raising. In the waste water management, EM Technology is applied to the waste water management of hotel.

The application of EM Technology give some encouraging possibilities to maintain the natural beauty of Bali through nature farming and recycling of urban waste. The idea to develop Agro-Tourism activities that can introduce the concept of nature farming and EM Technology to the international and domestic visitors is very interesting to show the possibilities of using EM Technology towards sustainable agriculture and environment. It is also have some possibilities to establish the Bali island as model island of EM Technology application in the worlds.