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11th IFOAM
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11-15 August 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Tick (Boophilus microplus) Control with Effective Microorganisms in Cattle S6

Cabezas, Sylvia E.C.; Ramos Junior, Gilberto

Barramansense Faculty, Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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During October, November and December 1994, studies on the application of effective microorganisms (EM) on tick (Boophilus microplus) population control in cattle were conducted. The animals were placed in 3 lots and each of them had 5 animals. One of the lots was used as control. The studies were conducted at Vila Pepita farm, Barra Mansa.

The lots were formed by crossbred animals and the age rate was 15 months. The animals were sprayed with EM 5 using back sprinkler, Jacto mark, with 20-liter capacity, with regulated pressure and cone-shaped point.

Each animal received the amount of 3 liters of EM 5 solution at 50% and 30% from October to December 1994. There was a significant tick population control (engorged female ticks). During observation period the variation of EM concentrations results were different showing thus an effective tick population control. At the begining of EM 5 applications the number of tick decreased considerably. On the other hand, the untreated control had a high infestation. At this same period, it was observed EM 5 effectiveness in botflies infestation which cause huge losses to cattle in Barra Mansa area.

By comparing the results of EM 5 applications with conventional acaricides (pyrethroid group), it was possible to notice that, after three EM 5 consecutive applications, costs were reduced in 15% in comparison with conventional acaricides applied in the same period.

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