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11th IFOAM
Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Market Certified-fair trade products development in Brazil S5

Harkaly, Alexandre

Instituto Biodinamico, CP 321, 18603-970 Botucatu - SP - Brazil

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The market for Certified and Fair Trade products in Brazil is in an intial development stage: National Certified Products Regulation: The Ministry of Agriculture has a draft prepared by the Commission for Organic Agriculture Norms - formed by 5 representants of NGO's and 5 representants of governmental organizations. Due to non continuity of ministers and policies the editing process is not conclued. The Ministry hopes to have this process finished in 1996.

Certifiers in Brazil: Until today the Instituto Biodinamico (6 farmers associations and 54 producers) is the only national certifier recognized internationally, by participating in IFOAM Accreditation Programme and through it's work already done in certifying the following products: bananas, cocoa, sugar, coffee, mate tee, wheat, soya, palm oil, cashew, citrus and vegetables. Other associations have beginnings in organization in certification. The AAU »Associacao de Agricultura Organica« is starting to plan certification for the vegetable market suppliers in Sao Paulo. In the main capitals such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre and Brasilia there are associations organizing farmers market for organic agriculture products.

Fair Trade Potential. Although there is no formal trade marketing of products in the national market, several organizations (NGO's) support local communities with advisory and credit for agriculture production. Local commerce of the products is also done informally.

Instituto Biodinamico and Fair Trade. Although the Instituto Biodinamico is not participating formally to any fair trade network, in certifying 6 small farmers associations, these have had much success in trading their products combining the organic seal and the fair trade recognition.
Recopa. An informal cooperation network has been founded in Brazil named Recopa - supported inicially by - to coordinate information and activities in the trade of fair trade products. Several experiences exist at national with conventional products indicating potential for expansion of the activities. The Instituto Biodinamico also participates at Recopa.

Brazil is known as a country that exports products. It has, however, a strong potential for inner market developments. Experienced idealistic companies and tradesmen are needed to organize the inner market of certified and fair trade products.

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