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11th IFOAM
Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Soil examination in the field by spade diagnosis F4

Hampl, Ulrich

Foundation Ecology and Agriculture, Weinstr. Süd 51, D-67098 Bad Dürkheim

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Soil microbial biomass as well as plant roots need a good soil structure as a precondition for mobilization of nutrients and also for an effective uptake of nutrients. It would be a big advantage for any farmer who whishes to cultivate the soil with care, to examine the soil at least as often as it is cultivated with a spade. No other method of soil analysis can provide as much information about the condition of the soil as quickly, as simply or as cheaply. With these tools, the condition of the soil's fertility can be thoroughly examined and described according to several criteria of soil structure. For scientific research and documentation the method of spade sample diagnosis is being further developed in several projects.