Biofach - Countries of the Years
In 2009 Denmark is Country of the Year at Biofach, but it is not for the first time. In 1997 Denmark was - together with Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland - also Countries of the Year at Biofach. At that time however Biofach was held in Frankfurt and not yet in Nürnberg. Also France and Italy has been Country of the Year several times. See the list of Countries of the Year since 1996.  3. February 2008
39 Danish organic companies on Biofach 2009
Denmark is Country of the Year on Biofach next month and a lot of money and time has been used to ensure that Danish organic food will be promoted in Nürnberg. Nothing less than 38 food companies will be part of a common stand at Biofach. See list of Danish companies participating in Nürnberg. 14. January 2009
33 % increase in organic sales
The turnover of organic foods on the Danish market increased with 33 percent in 2007. The value of the Danish organic market is now 480 million Euro. Read more about the Danish market August 2008
Szhirley wears organic from CasmoseTina Casmose goes organic
At the opening of Copenhagen Fashion Week the Danish designer Tina Casmose presented a textile collection for women with the title Eco - Not Ego.

Tina Casmose has been working with organic textiles for many years but with the growing public interest in organic textiles she now sees the opportunity to go fully organic. Her collection is now 75 percent organic but next year she expect it to be a 100 percent organic collection. Read more  August 2008

Climate Festival in Copenhagen
As a "warming up" event for next years climate conference in Copenhagen the city will have a Climate Festival already in September this year. Read more August 2008
Organic Olympic t-shirtOlympic Team wears organic
The Danish Team at the Olympic Games will be wearing organic t-shirts when they enter the stadium in Beijing in China this year. The fashion company Bestseller is sponsor for the team and they decided that the clothing should be - partly - organic. In the last year a number of Bestseller's brands has introduced organic styles - among them Jack & Jones and Vero Moda and lately also the brand for children NameIT. Read more July 2008
Biofach ShanghaiBiofach is growing - also in China
Biofach is mainly known for the yearly fair in Nürnberg (Nuremberg), but Biofach takes place in other places too and the regional Biofachs are growing even faster than the mother-fair in Germany. The newest of the Biofach fairs took place for the second time in May in Shanghai and also here it was clear to see the growing interest in organic food. 25 percent more visitors came to this years organic fair China. Read more June 2008

Every summer the The Roskilde Festival attracts 80.000 young people from all over Europe. Photo: Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival receives green award
The biggest music festival in Northern Europe - Roskilde Festival - will in a few weeks receive the Green World Award for many years work to make Roskilde Festival an environmentally friendly event.

Among other initiatives the Roskilde Festival has used organic cotton to produce the official festival T-shirt and  organic food and recycling is promoted. Read more

Climate conference in Copenhagen
In December Bali hosted the latest conference on climate changes and global warming. Denmark has accepted to host the next Climate Conference - the last if a new protocol should be signed before the Kyoto Protocol runs out in 2012. The Climate Conference in Copenhagen wil take place in December 2009. January 2008
Irma logoNew World record in organic sales
The Danish supermarket chain Irma claims to have set a new World record in organic sales. Special offers, events in the shops and advertising ensured that 34,2 percent of all sold products in the first week of October were organic. The last record was also set by Irma selling 30,2 percent organic in the same week last year. The top selling shop was a shop on Tagensvej in Copenhagen selling 46,1 percent organic in the week of record.

Irma has 73 supermarkets in the eastern part of Denmark many of them in the Copenhagen area. Irma is the Danish supermarket chain with the highest relative organic sales in Denmark. Almost 20 percent of the turnover refers to organic products. The average for all retail shops is between 5 and 6 percent. Irma is owned by the COOP. October 2007

Danish organic area increases again
For the first time in five years the Danish organic area is growing again. 261 farmers have applied for conversion to organic farming this year. At the same time 166 farmers have announced that they will stop farming or stop being certified organic leaving a net increase of 95 organic farmers. The Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries expects that the organic area will increase with 20.200 hectares reaching 165.000 hectares. In 2007 the ministry has sponsored a campaign to inspire more farmers to convert to organic produce to fulfil the increasing demand for organic foods. Denmark has an increasing import of organic foods to meet the demand from the consumers.

See figures showing the size of Danish organic agriculture. Read introduction to the Danish organic market October 2007

78.000 visited organic farms in September
Every year Danish organic farms open their doors for the public in the first weekend of September. This year 120 organic farmers invited consumers to the so called Harvest Markets (Høstmarkeder). The weather was good this year and 78.000 people visited the farms this year. It's a new record. Last record was set in 2005 with 65.000 visitors. 11. September 2007
Biofach 2007Impressions from Biofach
Biofach is the biggest organic show in the World and in 2007 it has grown even bigger. Also the Danish stand was bigger and more Danes visisted Biofach than ever before

Read report from this years Biofach and see the pictures 21. February 2007

Hans Chr. Schmidt on Biofach Organic Fair
Minister for food Hans Chr. Schmidt discussing vegetables for the catering sector with Christian H. Hansen at the stand of Agrova

Minister for food opens the
Danish stand on Biofach

Never before has so many Danes been on the organic fair Biofach in Nürnberg. More Danish companies had a stand at the fair and many new companies visited Biofach. On the top of this, The National Organic Association, arranged that many organic interested people were brought by bus to Biofach for free to make more people get a feeling about the organic market in the World.

The Danish stand was opened by the Danish minister for food Hans Chr. Schmidt. The minister was at Biofach for the first time and was obviously surprised of the size and the amounts of products in the organic sector. See other pictures from Biofach 2007 18. February 2007

18 Danish companies at Biofach fair
More Danish companies participate in this years Biofach than ever before. 18 companies have stand the organic fair in Nürnberg next week. Most of them are in a common Danish area in the food sector.

The Danish organic companies participating are: Agrova Food (vegetables), Arla Foods (dairy products), Aurion (dry goods), Berrifine (processed fruit and berries), CB Powerfoods (dry goods), Crisby Food International (dry goods), Farre (meat products), Friland (meat products), Hanegal (meat products), Coesam Scandinavia (dry goods), Naturmælk (dairy products), Økoladen (chocolate), Organic Denmark (organization), Skee Is (ice-cream), Sunprojuice (processed fruit and berries), Thise Mejeri (dairy products), Urtekram (dry goods and cosmetics), Vision Food (fast-food), Woodshade Organics (chocolate).

See pictures from former organic Biofach fair in year 2000 and 2001  9. February 2007

Denmark withdraws Biofach application
For a period the Danish organic association Økologisk Landsforening has been working on making Denmark "Country of the year" at Biofach 2008. But just before this years organic fair in Nürnberg the organization announced that the application has been withdrawn. The reason is simple: The sales on organic food in Denmark grows so fast, that there are hardly products to export. Especially in the meat sector there is a lack of raw materials and the companies use more effort in getting meat than they do in selling it.

The goal for the organic sector in Denmark is now to increase the organic production hoping that it in a few years will be possible to promote for export again. 7. February 2007

Governmental support to organic export
The Danish Ministry for Food has decided to support the organic farmers association Økologisk Landsforening and a number of Danish organic food companies with 4,4 million kroner (600.000 Euro) in their work to increase the export of organic food and agricultural products.

A result of this support will be a large exposure of Danish organic food at the Biofach fair in Nürnberg in February 2007 and 2008. Around 20 organic food companies are expected to participate on a common stand at the coming Biofach. 7. December 2006

Organic Conference

Organic people from the whole World goes to Odense
The Organic Congress in Odense next month seems to become the biggest organic event in Denmark since the IFOAM Scientific conference ten years ago. Already more than 700 hundred organic researchers and others have registered, and the registration office now expects close to 1200 participants to the conference.

Although northern Europeans will be in majority, the conference has attracted people from all over the World. More than 45 countries already are represented at the list of participants. No less than 16 EU research projects will be presented at the conference. Connected to the conference there will be an organic exhibition open to the public. 18. April 2006

Nitrite is still unpopular at the Danish organic market
The Danish organic sector is unsatisfied after the EU decision last week to allow the use of nitrite in organic meat products. Only Belgium agreed with Denmark to forbid the use of nitrite in organic meat.

Many Danish consumers are negative to nitrite (E250) in food because of its carcinogenic effect. The Danish government has intensively tried to prevent that nitrite was allowed - but without success. All Danish organic meat companies produce sausages without the use of nitrite. But the Danish companies fear a future with more imported meat products with the more attractive red colour that nitrite can offer. 31. march 2006

30,2 percent organic sales in supermarket chain
Irma logoThe Copenhagen based supermarket chain Irma claims to have set a new World Record in organic sales. Last week Irma held an organic campaign to increase the organic sales from an already high level. Before the campaign Irma had the goal to increase its sales from 13,5 to 20 percent organic sales, but the chain was actually able to reach 30,2 organic share of total sales in the 70 shops. The best selling Irma shop sold 40,6 percent organic products in that week. Several organic companies introduced new organic products for the campaign, among them the meat company Friland, who introduced a series of high quality packed meat from young cattle.

Irma is part of the Scandinavian COOP cooperation. In general the organic share of Danish food sales is about 3,5 percent. 23. march 2006

Organic congress in Odense
Every second year the Danish organic organizations arrange an organic congress in Denmark. Next time is in the end of May and will take place in Odense.

The organizers invites scientists and others to present papers and participate in the event. The deadline for papers is February 15th 2006. In connection to the congress an organic exhibition will take place. Last organic congress in the year of 2002 had 630 participants and 55 exhibiters.

Read more about the conference 18. January 2006


New leader of IFOAM
The international organic association IFOAM has announced the appointment of the 36 year old Angela B. Caudle to be new Executive Director of the world organization. She will be the first female leader of the IFOAM. Already in September organic people from all over the world will be able to congratulate her at the general assembly and 15th international conference in Australia. See the calendar for further details and links. 24. august 2005

Thise Mejeri

Organic dairy company expects 50 percent growth
The second largest producer of Danish organic milk - Thise Dairy - expects to invest 50 million kroner (aprox. 6,7 mill. euros) in the next two years. Thise has had great success introducing low fat milk and milk from jersey cows especially in the supermarket chain Irma in the Copenhagen area (Irma is part of COOP). Lately Thise has introduced its milk in several other supermarkets with success. Thise has a strong brand on the Danish market with a reputation of extra high quality fresh milk. Whereas other dairies compete on low price, Thise has been able to convince many consumers that their milk is worth a higher price. From October 1st more farmers will start delivering milk to Thise with the result of a 50 percent increase in production for the next year. Most of the new farmers are leaving the much bigger dairy company Arla Foods to join Thise instead.

Until now Thise has had the goal to export about 25 percent of the production, but the success on the Danish market has made it difficult to keep this share. At present Thise exports only about 10 percent, but sales manager Mogens Poulsen from Thise says the dairy still has the intention of reaching the former goal in the future. 18. august 2005

The owner of Urtekram buys Nutana
The Canadian-Danish investor Ross Jackson has bought the food company Nutana. In more than a hundred years Nutana has specialized in vegetarian food but in the last 20 years experienced an increasing competition from the organic sector - especially from Urtekram, in which Ross Jackson is the main shareholder.

Jackson has earned his fortune through international currency investments and through his Gaia companies used the money to support and invest in organic companies and other environmental activities. According to himself he lost at least 10 million US$ in these activities and a few years ago he announced to leave investing in organic industry. Anyhow he also announced to keep Urtekram until it was economically ready for sale. In this process he fired the founder and general manager of the company, Lisbeth Damsgaard, with whom he still fights in court about the control of the company. It seems to be an interesting development in this process that Jackson now has bought one of Urtekram's most important competitors. 10. august 2005

minimaelk.gif (4720 bytes)
Organic milk is still a great
success among Danish consumers.
26 percent of all fresh milk
sold in Danish
supermarkets is organic.

Continued decrease in organic milk production
The Danish Dairy Board announces that the Danish production of organic milk in 2005 has decreased by 2 percent compared with last year. The yearly production is now 390.000 kg. But the fall is smaller than last year, having a decrease of 9 percent. Anyhow Denmark is still the largest producer of organic milk in Europe, but now only slightly larger than number two - Germany - having a yearly production of 370.000 kg. Taking notice that the population of Germany is 16 times larger, Denmark is still far the leading producer per capita.

For further information see data on organic milk producers and delivery and organic dairy production given by Danish Dairy Board. 10. august 2005

First conference on wild life production
The organic organization, IFOAM, is now inviting for the first international conference on Organic Wild Life production. The conference will be in may 2006 and will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more details see the homepage for the conference. 5. august 2005

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