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December 28th 2000

Big, scientific conference in Denmark 2003
The Danish Research Center for Organic Farming (DARCOF) plans a big scientific conference in Denmark in 2003. The conference applies especially to people working with organic farming in countries with a climate similar to Danish conditions. More exact dates, place and other details will follow later.

December 21th 2000

Sentenced to organic agriculture
Five out of six Danish prisons with large scale agriculture are converting to organic farming. The initiative follows a ban on pesticides on national ground from 2002. The purpose with the  farming work is first and foremost to occupy the prisoners, so even if the production is expected to give a profit, the connected prison employees focus their energy on supervising the prisoners. Hopefully, organics will benefit the prisoners as well as the soil.

December 6th 2000

New fund for Danish organic agriculture
Two left wing parties and the Danish government have voted in favour of establishing a fund which will contribute five million Danish Crowns in 2002 and ten million DKK in 2003, first and foremost to research and experiments in the organic fields. In the following years the amount is expected to increase slightly. A new law concerning the organic fund will probably be made in February 2001.

Danish agriculture already have several subsiding channels. The new thing is that with this relatively low amounted   fund, Danish organic agriculture gains relatively much more influence than before. The organic fund comes into being by way of another very big fund which is supported by fees of the production of all agriculture in Denmark, and from what exceeds 235 million DKK a year - about 40 million DKK - one half will go to the conventional agriculture (which hitherto administers all of it), the other half will be allotted to the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries - and from the part of the ministry the fund is made. Organic farmers have fought for that goal for years.

December 5th 2000

Danish organic export is increasing
The export of organic products from Denmark has now reached a size of about ten percent of the sales for the Danish home market, between 200 and 250 million Danish Crowns this year. And it is expected to increase in not too long to 25 percent of the inland trade. The organic export to Germany, Denmarks main export market, is already today 2,5 percent of all food export. This is some of the information that is given in a note from the export department of The Organic Service Center

The investigation shows that about half of the organic export is formed by dairy products, whereas meat products only equalizes 20 million DKK. Still, with a very modest basis, the sales of meat products have grown relatively most (500 percent). As expected, the numbers indicates that England and Germany are Denmark's biggest organic export markets, importing almost half of the whole. More surprisingly, it shows that also Finland is an important organic export country for Denmark. In all, 45 companies have informed to have export of organic products. Furthermore, 15 companies are expecting to establish export during the next year.

November 27th 2000

ritt-paa-talerstol-2.jpg (4183 bytes)
Ritt Bjerregaard at the
Organic Congress 2000
in Denmark

New EU conference in Denmark about organics
In May 2001 Denmark will host a follow-up of the conference in Vienna, exactly two years later. This was stated by the Danish minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Ritt Bjerregaard at the Organic Congress 2000 in Denmark in November. The aim of the conference is, as the first one, to support the continued progression of the organic sector in Europe. Policymakers, administrators, traders, producers and NGOs are invited to use this opportunity to share their experiences and build the basis for a coherent European strategy.

Bjerregaard, who was formerly European Commissioner for the Environment, also said at the November congress that she is still fightning for the EU organic logo - and pointed to the European Commision as one of the obstacles of the task.

August 31th 2000

eu-maerke-1.gif (1767 bytes)
Danish version of
the EU logo

Denmark will work for harmonization
The regulations on organic food production shall be more harmonized, and special demands for each market and country shall be eliminated. This is the statement from the Danish minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Ritt Bjerregaard. In a note to the Danish parlament, Folketinget, she opposes the point in the organic "Actionplan II", saying that Denmark should work for the right to have higher national standards than the rest of EU.

The former EU commissioner, Bjerregaard, also says, that the Danish government, will work for common marketing campaign in all EU countries, to make the EU logo just as known as the national organic logos.

August 21th 2000

"News" will soon be here again
Because of some structural problems (the English part of ØkoWeb DK) has not been running well this spring and summer. We hope to have solved the main problems now and will soon be back with better updates about the Danish organic sector.

February 28th 2000

BSE in Denmark - but not from organic farming
It was today announced that a cow on a farm in Jutland has got BSE (mad cow disease). It is already clear that the farm was not organic.

The disease has only been detected once before in Denmark. It was in 1992 when one - imported - cow was infected. All animals on the present farm will now be destroyed. There is no reason to believe that any products have reached the consumers, but to remove any risk all suspicious products in the country - including all T-bone-steaks and entrecôtes - will be removed from the market and consumers are told not to eat them.

Se press relaese from the Ministry of Food

February 24th 2000

Ritt_bjerregaard140.jpg (3843 bytes)
Ritt Bjerregaard with
her organic apples
Foto: Michael Gundersen

Organic farmer becomes minister of agriculture
The Danish Prime Minister, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, appointed yesterday the former EU commissioner Ritt Bjerregaard to minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. The announcement was a surprise to the public, especially because Ritt Bjerregaard is well known to be critical to the environmental problems of food production.

Ritt Bjerregaard is an organic farmer herself, producing organic apples on the island Zealand. In the former European Commission she was commissioner for the environment.

February 21th 2000

Final regulation on EU logo is published
The regulation on how to use the new organic community logo was published saturday in the Official Journal of the EU. The regulation can be downloaded directly as an Acrobat-file, it includes illustrations to show how the logo looks like in the different language versions.

February 18th 2000

Welcome to Biofach 2000
The first pictures from Biofach are now on this site. Please see pictures from the Danish stands on the fair.

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