Climate Festival
6th and 7th of September 2008

Tower of the Copenhagen City HallFor the last 11. years Copenhagen has organized an Environmental Festival with activities spread out in many parts of the city. But this year it will be different.

As a "warm up" for the coming Climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009 the council of Copenhagen has decided to set full focus on the Climate and how to reduce the emission of CO2 from the city. Therefore it is decided to held a Climate Festival instead of the traditional Environmental Festival.

In contrary to the earlier festivals the main part of the activities will take place in a concentrated area in the centre of Copenhagen at:

Højbro Plads
Ved Stranden

at Saturday the 6th of September and Sunday the 7th of September

The place for the Climate Festival is close to the shopping street Strøget (Købmagergade) and not far from Christiansborg Castle.

The Climate Festival will have five themes

Climate and Organic In cooperation with organic companies this theme will set focus on shopping locally and buying organic and sustainable food, clothes etc.

Climate and Citizen which held's focus on what each individual can do to reduce CO2 emission in daily life and the house.

Climate and Bicycles will especially focus on children's use of bicycles. In Copenhagen the use of bicycles is already an import part of the traffic

Climate and Companies The Climate Festival is held in an area with many restaurants and cafés and the organizers of the festival will create alliances with local companies who will put effort in working towards less CO2 emission

Climate and Green Areas will focus on the access to green areas in Copenhagen. including creation of "Pocket Greens" - small green areas close to home and work.

Even though the Climate Festival is concentrated in the centre it is expected that local environmental groups and Agenda21 groups will organize climate events other places in the city. Already a Climate Chill Out is planned at Kay Fiskers Plads in Ørestaden.

Organizing the Climate Festival is also a part of the vision of creating an Eco-Metropole in Copenhagen before the year of 2015.

The Climate Festival is organized by

The Copenhagen Council
Centre for Environment
Kalvebod Brygge 45
Postbox 259
1502 Copenhagen V
Phone: (+45) 33 66 58 00