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A new record for Biofach - again
Impressions of Biofach 2007 - 15. - 18. February

As other fairs Biofach is used for meetings also by companies that already work together.

Den danske stand på Biofach
The Danish stand was larger than ever but the IKEA-like design could make the visitor forget that this is all about food
The Hungarian stand was much different from the Danish. It was made like an old farm Inn with music and colourful dresses.
The Austrian stand was of course dominated by dairy products
Stand fra Kina
China was stronger represented than ever

The German company Arche has specialized in organic sushi products. But the beautiful kimono lady is real Japanese.

Urtekram had two stands. One small stand on the National Danish stand but the main stand was in the cosmetic hall of Vivaness

Agricultural Commissioner of the EU Mariann Fischer Boel also visited the fair
Andalusien, Sydspanien
Andalucía in South Spain had one of the largest stands of Biofach
Stand of the fruit and berries company Berrifine
Kosmetik messen Vivaness
Vivaness is the cosmetic department of Biofach. The dramatic growth of this sector was easy to feel in the hall
Økologisk brød
Le Blé D'or presented Danish pastry for Bake-off

The largest organic fair in the World -  Biofach in Nuremberg has once again grown bigger. Around 45.000 people visited the fair  now including both the traditional food fair and the new wellness and cosmetic fair Vivaness.

All in all the two fairs had 2566 exhibitors from 116 countries.

Denmark was more powerful represented than ever before. More Danish visitors and more Danish stands. The national Danish stand was opened by the Danish minister of food Hans Chr. Schmidt.

The stand was big and clearly showing that Denmark wants to participate in the organic development of the World. At the opening the minister Hans Chr. Schmidt called the Danish organic sector to boast more and show the World how far the organic business has grown. Compared to the size of the country Denmark has the highest internal sales of organic food in the World and the minister tolled the companies also to go for the World Championship in export.

But actually the Danish stand was boasting in itself. The Danish stand was almost too big considering that the companies has very little to export because most is sold in the country itself.

Too many national stands
Several national stands were much bigger than the Danish and the many national stands is beginning to be a problem for Biofach. It is already a problem to get an overview because the fair is divided into national stands instead of sectors like Dairy, Meat, Vegetables etc.

The problem has historic explanations but also is a result of the national subsidies that many countries offer for establishing national stands. It makes it almost impossible to give the Biofach a more logical structure.

China and India one the move
Some of the big stands are clearly from European areas with a high organic production as Italy and Andalucía in the South of Spain. But more overseas countries are on the move. India and China showed that also in the organic business they have a high ambitions.

Even though Biofach is known in the whole World the fair is still very German. 66 percent of the visitors are from Germany and on the top of that many of the foreigners come from Austria and other German speaking areas. The halls with German companies are clearly the most populated on Biofach.

Cream puffs caught interest
Biofach has grown bigger but not necessarily more interesting. As an experienced Danish visitor said: "It is getting more difficult to find diamonds". Almost any product now exists in an organic version, and the "news" are often just products with a new flavour or just a copy of something done by others the year before.

A new product to mention this year is the organic cream puff which caught interest from many. By Danish companies one of the most interesting products was Danish pastry for Bake-off from the bakery of Le Blé D'or.

Even though cosmetics is old news on Biofach it has been an advantage for the fair that Vivaness has given cosmetics its own fair. Even though it is still only one hall it gives the sector its own identity and the difference is clear to feel once you walk into the hall 7A.



Den The national Danish stand included in 2007 the following organic companies: Arla Foods, Naturmælk Dairy, Thise Dairy, Hanegal Organic Meat, Friland Organic Meat, Farre Organic Meat, Crisby Food, Woodshade Chocolate, Agrova, Økoladen Chocolate, Coesam Scandinavia, Visionfoods, Sunprojuice and the bakery Le Blé D'or.

Apart from these companies several others were represented on Biofach. Among them Berrifine (fruit and berries concentrate) had its own stand in another hall.

Biofach 2008 will be held at 21st - 24th of February